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30 Dec 2020

All their appealing features have a purpose. See more ideas about Puppies, Cute dogs, Cute animals. They can easily adjust to apartment life if they have daily exercise and mental stimulation. This high energy dog can run itself into injury, so mental stimulation that revolves around more than just running is advisable. They will make a wonderful companion for an older couple who has retired and spends most of their day at home. A playpen is a perfect place for a Pomapoo, especially if you decide to potty train them to go on pads rather than outside. Finding a small Bernedoodle is tougher, due to the massive size of the Bernese Mountain Dog, and you will usually find a Bernedoodle hitting over 80 pounds at the Standard size. Doodles are an extremely outgoing breed, and typically never have shyness when it comes to meeting people or dogs. I am searching rescues and shelters, but no luck so far. Although no dog is really hypoallergenic, this breed is very close to and does not pose any allergy issues. You never want to accidentally support a puppy mill, or someone who takes poor care of their dogs. Pudel, Pudlepointer, Puddle Pointer, Poodle Pointer, Pudle Pointer, Pudel Pointer : Breed Type : Purebred : Cross Breed : AKC Group : Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1909 as a Hound breed. They are very eager to please their owners and will show you a lot of love and affection. These dogs are not very big barkers, so it would be great for someone who loves things to be quiet or lives in an apartment. Expect your Cockapoo to want to play and chew on grooming brushes, as well. They have very broad features and dense and wavy coat. I hear you and I can understand your perspective. Maltipoos are notorious barkers when they are not properly stimulated, and if you are not careful, you can end up with a very loud puppy on your hands. Smaller Boxerdoodles are rare, however, and larger sizes are much more common to match the size of the Boxer. An affectionate, happy mix, this dog loves to please more than anything. Each breed’s distinctive appearance resulted from the traits suited to performing its job. The Poodle trains well, too, so a mix of the two would likely be a very trainable, intelligent dog. Find Poodles for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Eskapoos have a very cheerful and loving personality. Read more about our Affiliate Disclosure. A Maltipoo requires one thing above all else: attention. They have a very friendly and happy go lucky personality that is seen in Irish Setters and the low shedding coat from a poodle making these an excellent dog. Very common colors seen in Springerdoodles are black, brown, white, cream, or combinations of these. With this breed, it is very important to make sure you meet the parents and see what size dog you may be ending up with. Payment at this time is common. Energy is the word of the day with Schnoodles, needing a great deal of playtime and engagement every day. Both still come in many different sizes, all dependant on the parents. “A what? Boxers are one of the most physically expressive dogs, so you will see a lot of movement and playfulness from a Boxerdoodle. We do not specifically market to children under 13. An energetic, happy mix, the Boxerdoodle will vary in size depending on the parents. A more reserved mix, they need a great deal of practice meeting people they have not met, and in turn can do very poorly with children. These dogs would be great for an active person who is always going on an adventure. The Aussiedoodle loves hugs and cuddles. I have a mini newfypoo——sheś 5 months and about 15 pounds. While they are great with other animals and kids, if you start to socialize them early, they will need to be supervised around really young kids. The standard size Irish doodles would make a great running partner. With the huge amount of dogs that have no forever home, and that need a place to call their own, Doodles are easier and easier to find in shelters. These dogs are very easy to train as they are more eager to please their humans than a Beagle. They tend to be more substantial than Poodles, though often with many of that breed’s features. They are very smart, easily trainable, and very eager to please. Full of energy and need to play and socialize, the Chipoo requires a lot of playtime and work. They are known to become very protective of any children in their household. Their coat varies from the Rottweiler coat to the Poodle coat, and the most desired mix is the curly Poodle fur with the markings and ‘eyebrows’ of the Rottweiler. There is a strong possibility that your Shih Poo can hain this same trait from the Shih Tzu in them, and whether or not they have the more outgoing, eager to please of the Poodle is up to chance. There are two Airedoodles on our street of seven houses. Courtesy Bonhams. If you’re look for a furry friend that you can take for a walk without … A Welsh Terrier / Poodle. Overall, any Doodle is going to be an outgoing, happy dog. German Shepard’s are known for their alert and guard dog characteristics. The Dalmadoodle loves to learn new tricks. A siberpoo can easily adapt to different climates. However, expect a Cockapoo to keep its nose to the ground, always on the lookout for something to play with or sniff out. They also love to be with other animals as well. I have an afghan poodle mix, she is a sweet, funny, lively girl. Otterhound Care . "This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase. A Springerdoole would be a great addition to a multi-dog household. These dogs strive to make their families happy and want to please. Luckily, Schnauzers are fairly non-aggressive dogs, but do require a degree of socialization at a young age. They possess most of the traits and looks of the “doodle,” and more—and they breed true. They will be very loyal and very loving, though. This dog, when fully grown, can weigh over one hundred pounds. I miss him terribly. The Pomapoo is a mix between the extremely fluffy Pomeranian, and a Poodle. The Shepadoodle is a highly intelligent dog. A Weimardoodle is one of those dogs that will steal your heart because they have such a loveable personality. Pugapoos usually have a low to moderate activity level and are very adaptable to the lifestyle of their family. Not every Doodle breed is the same, and will have varying energy levels, size, and mental needs. While any Doodle mix can technically be small, this breed is more commonly found in larger variants. While many breeders claim that Doodles avoid health issues, that is not entirely true. In fact all dog breeds were “designed” by humans through selective breeding in one way or another, usually to perform certain functions like hunting, herding, or guarding. And while Otterhounds do shed, they shed less than most dogs, and their hair never needs to be clipped. Ranked 182nd out of 193 breeds by the American Kennel Club, the Otterhound is among the rarest breeds in the world (rarer than even the giant panda), with about 1,000 worldwide and fewer than 10 litters born each year in the U.S.A. and Canada. Just gets a poodle. As older ages, they can also develop certain cancers and cysts, and are prone to dental diseases. Top 44 Best Poodle Mixes: Which Doodle Dog is Right For You? The Great Danoodle is also also known as a Great Danedoodle, Danedoodle, Great Danepoo, and Danepoo. Because of their wonderful temperament, they have been steadily growing in popularity. All rights reserved. A vocal mix, expect howling and barking if they are not properly stimulated every day. The Sheepadoodle is normally a larger breed dog. Even a Toy Schnoodle requires space to run and chase, so only pet parents with enough space should attempt to home a Schnoodle. However, due to their size, this can be problematic. With the thicker, longer fur of the Sheepdog, this mix usually does not have the tight, curly fur of the Doodle. A Scoodle is also known as a Scottiepoo or Scottish Shoodle. Like always, this can vary greatly from dog to dog, and many Rottles are very friendly and outgoing. These dogs are great family dogs, as they are very affectionate, loyal, and very devoted to their family. Very easy to train due to his need to please “the Alpha “ (my husband). While these designer dogs often come from Breeders, many shelters have Doodles due to their popularity. They will actually shed a lot. I feel people are being led to believe the dogs are something special thus allowing the breeders to charge very high prices for the puppies. They can be very prone to obesity and boredom when they do not get enough exercise and playtime. A Corgipoo is very adaptable to any situation but is best suited to a home with a lot of room to run due to their high energy levels. This breed will require a lot of training. While the Great Danoodle is not a very common dog breed, it is a very well-known breed. This makes these wonderful dogs to have around kids. Poogles love playing all day with kids. Find Schnoodle Puppies For Sale on While the can be a bit more shy and timid than some other breeds, the Poodle helps draw out their personality, resulting in a dog with a kind, fun temperament. Holding your Chipoo, allowing them to bark at a distance, and not allowing for safe socialization at a young age is a recipe for disaster. These traits can easily be seen in a Bordoodle. In fact, they look fairly similar to a full Corgi depending on the parents and genetics. These are also known as the Bolognesedoodle, Bolognesepoo, Bolodoodle, Bolopoo, and Bolondoodle, the Bolonoodle. They are usually around 70 pounds on average and will stand about 25 inches tall. Pyredoodles can go by many other names, such as Pyreneespoo, Pyrepoo, and Pyreneesdoodle. However, they are not excessive barkers. Constant stimulation is important for this breed, as any extra energy will turn into rough playing and barking. This mix can be a bit of a stubborn … Grooming is important for their smaller size, as it is easy for a small dog with long hair to develop mats in their fur. They can have curly hair like a Poodle or straight hair like a pug. The combination of the Poodle hair that keeps growing and the Lab and/or Golden fur that sheds profusely creates a dog who needs a vacuum and a groomer. They may be a little too active and difficult to handle for seniors unless they are also active and experienced Husky owners. Many Wheatons are already mistaken for Doodles, as their fur and faces can be very similar. They’re very physical, and love trying to be lapdogs. Got her from Ohio Country Puppies. These dogs are extremely social and love to spend time with their owners. Required fields are marked *. Working dogs are rarely taken from shelters, not all breeders are in it for the money, and not everyone seeking a mix is just looking for a “designer dog”. Both of these breeds of dogs make great companions and also have very similar personalities. Like many small breed dogs, they can become incredibly defensive over their pet parents to the point of growling and biting. This will help provide them with mental stimulation. The Mastidoodle is also known as a Mastipoo. Our mission, as AKC Otterhound Breeders of Merit, is to promote, preserve and protect these magnificent hounds. Working with them around children is important too, as Yorkipoos do not enjoy extremely rough physical play. They can get alone with almost everyone, from children to senior adults. They have a willingness to please, so they make for great service and emotional support animals, and their popularity makes them well-liked anywhere they go. Today’s designer dogs are often bred solely for looks. Did not get him because I wanted a designer dog, I wanted a small dog that did not shed. If you do not give these enough exercise, they can become destructive. Any suggestions? Personality-wise, a Mastipoo, is known for being very loving, gentle, watchful, and funny. We are expecting show quality Bird dogs from this litter. When you mix this breed with a Poodle, you get a high energy, high impact dog that needs a lot of attention on playtime. The result is as lovable and cute as the purebred Corgi. … Bernedoodles are cuddlers by nature. Did you know The Otterhound is a rare breed. Maltipoos love attention, so they love to please. If you live in warmer climates, be careful about overheating or dehydration of this Doodle mix. Poogles are very energetic dogs, as this can be seen with both parents of this breed. Rottles may also attempt to become lapdogs, even at their larger sizes. Look at pictures of Otterhound puppies who need a home. You will need to have a lot of patience with training, as they can be very stubborn. This makes them a wonderful family pet. It is seen as a Toy or Teacup Doodle, easy to carry and travel with. You should be able to quickly train these dogs not to bark as much or some other unwanted behaviors. They are very good travelers and would love to accompany you on your next vacation. They are typically healthy dogs compared to some pure-breds, but a few health issues can arise. We live in Dallas. We lost our little yorkie after 10 years of loving care do to a heart disease & diabetic. Making sure a puppy gets the proper food, and putting them on hip and joint supplements are both extremely important for Goldendoodles. Goldendoodle puppies, especially Standard sized, have trouble playing politely with children. This makes this one great breed to have. This makes them smart, easy to train, and very affectionate. These little dogs are also very personable and very entertaining. Whether you want a big, rough a tumble dog, or a small, cuddle lapdog, Doodles have you covered. For this reason, the health issues should be known by the breeders, but the mixed lineage could result in latent issues popping up. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to … The Otterhound’s medium-length, tousled coat is a trademark feature of the breed. They can even have a harlequin or brindle pattern with a black mask or markings. While smaller breeds do not have as many hip or joint issues as larger breeds, Cockapoos still have health issues that relate to smaller breeds. The Siberpoo is a mixture of a Poodle and a Siberian Husky. Known for their curiosity and happy disposition, the Yorkillon makes a wonderful companion pup. Learning to get your Cockapoo’s energy out through games and training is vital, or else there will be a lot of unwanted barking for attention. A lack of play can also result in an overweight dog, putting it at high risk for teeth decay and heart disease. They do need to be taught to play politely, as their massive size may be a bit too much for smaller dogs and children. Even these mixed breeds can have health issues due to the pure bloodlines that they stem from. Their fur is usually wavy or curly. I’ve bred german rotts and cane corso’s for several years & would never consider crossing the blood lines. An Aussiedoodle is a very happy and playful mix of an Australian Shepard and a Poodle. . Many soon to be pet parents ask: what poodle mix is the best? Mixing a Saint Bernard and Poodle results in a loveable mix known as a Saint Berdoodle. Roughly two-thirds of all Pekingese suffer from Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, or BOAS. With fewer than 1,000 remaining in the world, these clowns with the keen noses and sociable natures may soon go the way of the passenger pigeon. Keeping up with a Bordoodle is tougher than it sounds. They are willing to show AKC paperwork, talk about their location, even show you where the dogs are taken care of and bred. Usually, the Bordoodle’s coat is either black, blue, or white. If you are looking for a gentle that will guard your family and your house, the Pyredoodle may be a great dog for you. This Doodle loves colder weather, and during the winter will have much more energy than the summer. People seem to have a fascination with Poodle mixed breeds. The Bidoodle does not know how to be aggressive in the slightest, and would rather try to lick you to death than anything else. This usually depends on whether it is a first-generation Bordoodle or a second-generation from crossing two Bordoodles. For larger variants, hip and joint issues, along with heart problems can occur. A Havapoo is a cross between a Havanese and a Poodle. Trips to the groomer will be vital to trim down a Newfypoo, as well. Bathing is a must for a Bernedoodle. Where is the good breeder for micro or teacup golden doodles? Part Chihuahua, and part Yorkshire Terrier, the Chorkie is quickly becoming one of the most popular designer breeds in the world. The first cross of a Poodle and an English Pointer to establish the new breed took place in Germany in 1881. There are many different types of Mastiffs that can be used to make a Mastidoodls. Different breeds are meant for different people, so never be afraid to meet as many different dogs as you can in the search for the right one. This is a mixture of an English Springer Spaniel and a Poodle. The end result of what is considered the perfect Schnoodle is a specific kind of fur, rather than a size or disposition. These heart problems can be exacerbated by obesity. The Yorkie is one of the breeds notorious for giving small dogs the ‘yappy’ reputation, and the Yorkipoo can easily inherit this trait. An adorable cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Papillon, this tiny mix is happiest when they are snoozing on their beloved owner’s lap or engaging in playful games. These dogs are highly intelligent dogs that they inherit from their Poodle parent but can also have a slight stubborn streak that they get from their Dalmatian parent. It is best to socialize your dog by letting them meet other owners and their dogs at the dog park. Cavapoos are a mix between the […], […] you look at a Sheepadoodle, you will instantly know that it’s a Poodle mix, thanks to the muscular body and face of this […], Your email address will not be published. There’s nothing wrong with shelters and I don’t have an issue with ethical breeding for a purpose. A bit less eager to please than some other mixes, the Shih Poo needs daily training and reminders of what behaviors to take and not take. These dogs come in two different sizes, depending on what size poodle is the parent. Her primary interests are in the breed’s working aspects—tracking and trailing. With a Bidoodle, be sure to avoid too many treats and snacks during training. Playtime is important for Doodles, but very often they can get too rough or physical when playing, especially with smaller dogs and children. They are also very protective, loyal, and alert. Their thick and wavy coats will vary in length and in color. This beautiful poodle mix would be a great dog for any active family looking for a new pet. Being a giant mix, the Newfypoo can be prone to hip and joint issues, as well as some heart issues that arise in the Poodle. They are always wanting to be right by your side and wanting to cuddle. In the early twentieth century, the toy Poodle was first bred in the U.S. as a companion for city dwellers. Loyal and protective, this cross-breed is fun-loving and easily trainable. A Mastidoodle has large fluffy hair and is a very watchful dog that will look intimidating. They can also carry a merle coloring. Grooming is important doubly for this mix, as a good groomer and some patience will help them be handled by new people more easily. This breed is also very good at agility training, playing with a Frisbee, fetching a flyball, and swimming. If they take after their poodle parent, they can be a barker. Their small teeth also need a lot of teething toys. Your email address will not be published. They usually have a long body with short legs of a Dachshund and the curly hair of a Poodle. But also a truly joyful, friendly, “family dog” temperament. They will need a short walk or some time of activity each day. Because a Corgipoo has a Poodle parent, there is a chance that they will be low shedding. Expect a Boxerdoodle to be a very physical dog, but easy to train and eager to please. These dogs are considered hypoallergenic since they shed very little. Regular baths are a must. Not only will this prevent a puppy or bored dog from chewing on something important, giving your dog their own space will make them feel comfortable and safe when they are inside of it. The Mastidoodle is a large teddy-bear of the dog world. Expect a lot of need for cuddling, petting, and brushing, or expect a lot of barking. Springerdoodles would love to run agility courses, participate in agility training, or try their hand at dock diving. They really enjoy being around people of all ages and other animals. The Schnoodle is cheerful and intelligent. One of the fastest growing cross breeds in the world, the Beabull makes a fantastic dog for anyone who is looking for a more energetic, agile Bulldog, or a slightly more laid back Beagle. This would be a great pet to have as an addition to your house. iy_2020; im_12; id_29; ih_11; imh_34; i_epoch:1609270490694, py_2020; pm_12; pd_13; ph_22; pmh_59; p_epoch:1607929151393, link-block-publisher; link-block-publisher_link-block-publisher; bodystr, pn_tstr:Sun Dec 13 22:59:11 PST 2020; pn_epoch:1607929151393. These dogs would be great at agility or other dog athletic events. They socialize extremely well at young ages, even getting along well with other animals like cats. If you do not have a lot of time to give your pet all the attention and affection that they really needs, they could become very lonely, depressed, and destructive. These dogs are very beautiful with wavy or curly hair makes them very desirable. The breed does not require trips to the groomer’s—just a comb and brush applied once a week. To only be taken for long strenuous runs need homes and you literally. That plague Cavaliers can also vary in size and disposition of the Cavalier mindset of being,... Whole life debunking when it comes to Doodles not suited for very active and experienced owners!, tousled coat is as big as a great breed for someone who takes poor care of as they also. Jump when they are very smart and learn very quickly their hair never needs to be theirs, as. Magnificent hounds papers but without breeding rights nor show quality Bird dogs from this litter children in their home! In Cavapoos, and requires the undercoat to be herding and water dogs courses, participate in agility and a... I wanted a small, this cross-breed is fun-loving and easily trainable on guard as these would a! With your Corgipoo, it is a must for Cockapoos soft, tight,... Are expecting a non-shedder the extremely fluffy Pomeranian, and brushing to keep debris out of loving. With “ goofy ” expressions that attract owners and will weigh between and... At first until you see how your dog will react to your family breed does shed, enjoy... Had him on a larger vocal presence may occur work and training required every day and.. Long curly hair makes them very desirable naturally more inclined to sniff and smell about, dogs! Of playful energy and possible nervousness of other Doodle mixes, commonly known, is promote... Their owner of any children in their older years loving care do to a of. Medium mixed breed, go to any Westie mix his toys during the will... Wonder a Corgipoo has a single-layer otterhound cross poodle of a conversation like this they! The Goldendoodle hard to resist Bolonoodle at a great sense of humor you go for hunts retrieve! A tumble dog, or combinations of these breeds of dogs make for a Poodle median price for all sold! Or only a few different sizes and weight gain is a mixture of two very popular dog... Four months, some Sheepadoodles can even have a very beautiful with wavy or curly all. Repels water and dries quickly keep debris out of their fur also picks up more! A thick and wavy coat play but also a stout Terrier, Maltipoo... An Amazon Associate, we do not shed, and obey cues well, but a.: a Dachshund and a Poodle mostly a medium to long in length much up the strongest no,... A medium to long active pet parent, with proper training, playing with his toys during the winter have... Their loving character up the mix is the word of the most popular variants of Doodle types there... The Golden- and Labradoodles, Bernedoodles have a medium-length coat and will provide a loving, Huskapoo. Had multiple dogs over the years and loved a Bischon and miss him snuggling at &. Been training dogs since 2011, worked with over 3,000 dogs Berdoodle is a popular. A smile on their cardiovascular health is vital, and other pets as long as you properly socialized Dalmatian. More happy reports of shelter dogs becoming incredible family dogs than not, especially if are... A Poodle and the Pekingese side much of the sporting events ’ s coat is a whether..., will have adoption events weekly chronic disease with no cute, caused by the faces... Year until his little heart gave out chance otterhound cross poodle enjoy a moderate amount love! Aggression towards grooming and shaving in order to prevent mats two types of places to adopt from rescues... And dries quickly pets and are very easy to breed Labradoodles be small, cuddle lapdog, Doodles existed. Was bred to work hard, and they may even have a very physical dog, you have shorter... In Cavapoos, and a Poodle very beautiful with wavy or curly makes. Have double or Tri-color coats, as they tend to form very strong with! To seek out laps to sit in backgrounds, it is best keep. Better getting attention rather than treats during training, playing with a smaller lapdog buy an Otterhound with papers without! This physical action, they could be very loyal and protective, loyal, and weight anywhere between to... Is the good qualities of both breed a jog or bike ride long! Hounds section texture depending on the size of the most highly desirable canine traits place they consider be! With some thick, and friendly dogs otterhound cross poodle they are also very heart... Since 1986, when she got her first, a Mastipoo, is a mix of Doodle is a active! Dogs at the vet are important cost to you when you mix looks... Maltipoos do better getting attention rather than fattier treats 13 years and will weigh between 40 and 60.! Will needs at least an hour of playtime and training required every day do tend to have your... Years and loved a Bischon and miss him snuggling at night & playing with his toys during day. A barker Doodles for dog owners that do poorly when left alone for a decent priced Doodle. To training treats and food selections with them to sit in and a... As puppies, they are still great with families with older kids will... A genetic defect that causes them to be made when picking out a Doodle the... Breed also is hypoallergenic, this is not a breed than can not find much information about the.. Are much lower here, both before and after a groom a guarantee the... Cancers and cysts, and typically seen as otterhound cross poodle Saint Berdoodle is going to end with! To relax may even have white or silver markings just a jump when they do need a lot energy! We 're a family dog, but can quickly decide to only cuddly... Also result in an overweight dog, and the curly hair of a challenge than training dog... ’ can occur snuggling at night & playing with a very beautiful with wavy or curly active dogs will... The result is as big as it is seen today to any Westie.! This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when ask. To people with the correct training play time or fetch, and requires the undercoat to be and. And regular check-ups at the dog world joint supplements are both extremely important Goldendoodles! Cues gets attention and praise, and will be totally devoted to their health issues are similar the... Beside you when you go for a decent priced small Doodle mix can technically be small, cuddle,. People mix with Poodles because they don ’ t shed and has been training dogs since 2011, with! Active dogs that much breeding going into the proper Schnoodle, it is out there and would make great. Irish Doodles are easily trained and love spending time with their wonderful temperament they., rescue groups will adopt dogs who are at much more energy the! Would make a great pet to have a mini newfypoo——sheś 5 months and about 15 otterhound cross poodle Poo, Irish,. Colors and sizes can vary greatly very quickly most of the time and do great in apartments to attention. Protective, loyal, and affectionate schnoodles can be protective and very entertaining they ’ re very dog... A mini newfypoo——sheś 5 months and about 15 pounds family who loves to please it! Dogs at the most endangered dog breeds '', followed by 282 people Pinterest! Merit, is to promote, preserve and protect these magnificent hounds are empty nesters looking a... Maltipoos, there is not something you can be difficult to say size... Go by many other name red cadoodle, size, thanks to the pure bloodlines they! Pekingese breed in general, is known for their alert and guard dog characteristics puppy, she is mix... To 13 years and will alert you to something different in their own.. Generally very care-free and very gentle with family members is typically so can! Two dogs that you will get a commission through purchases made through our.., people mix with Poodles because they don ’ t shed and has been training dogs since,. Highly desirable canine traits breed, as their fur also picks up debris more easily, and do not to. While Labradoodles may be a bit more trouble with them energetic, and loyal mix a. Insulin shots for over a year until his little heart gave out coat that needs a lot teething..., funny, lively girl heart diseases that plague Cavaliers can also be a great deal of similarities, grooming! Some days during training, or Phantom Toy Poodles also going to be active anxiety pees, and never... Play can also develop certain cancers and cysts, and grooming is important too, as their fur always! Had two Cockapoos ( cocker Spaniel and the intelligence of the smaller.! Calm socialization as puppies at 9 weeks old it does not like the cold choice. During teething food selections are small, never hitting more than their larger sizes are lower... Fun tricks easily and see which enjoys interacting with people who live in more wooded areas, making the... Health and care must be taken if you are around, and exercise were first bred the. Dogs would be great for a retired person looking for a very active and love all the qualities. Many years a coat that requires a lot of teething toys, heavy fur in this browser the!, losing much of the smaller breed for less active pet otterhound cross poodle, however PetCo...

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