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30 Dec 2020

10: 21–25. 1981. Malcomber, S.T., Preston, J.C., Reinheimer, R., Kossuth, J., Kellogg, E.A. 2014. 1934. All of the aboveground section of a grass is collectively called the shoot. Curr. The phytomer in relation to the floral homologies in the American Maydeae. Evol. Grass architecture: genetic and environmental control of branching. The Gramineae: a study of cereal, bamboo, and grass. Sobre politelia en las inflorescencias de Poaceae. Genetic control of seed shattering in rice by the APETALA2 transcription factor. Li, M., Tang, D., Wang, K., Wu, X., Lu, L., Yu, H., Gu, M., Yan, C., Cheng, Z. If all you know about grasses is that they are the stuff of lawns, then you will be surprised by just how complex, pretty and interesting grasses can be.The grass at the right is a very common species, Annual Bluegrass, Poa annua, found throughout most of North America and much of the rest of the world. Early inflorescence development in the grasses (Poaceae). Acad. Chuck, G., Meeley, R., Hake, S. 1998. The growth patterns and number of spikelets, furthermore, define inflorescence architecture and yield. 9: e1003604. When the spikelets are attached by means of … Overexpression of, Nalam, V.J., Vales, M.I., Watson, C.J.W., Johnson, E.B., Riera-Lizarazu, O. Kellogg, E.A. Amer. Biol. The grass inflorescence is striking not only for its beauty and diversity, but also for its developmental complexity. Zhang, L., Zhao, Y.-L., Gao, L.-F., Zhao, G.-Y., Zhou, R.-H., Zhang, B.-S., Jia, J.-Z. Parts of a typical grass (based on Bromus). 2005. Genetics and evolution of grass inflorescence and flower development. 2005. Gene networks controlling the initiation of flower development. Therefore, understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying spikelet development and evolution are attractive to both … Plant Phys. corolla. Reproductive development of the apex of. Wills, D.M., Whipple, C.J., Takuno, S., Kursel, L.E., Shannon, L.M., Ross-Ibarra, J., Doebley, J.F. Amer. 2008. A TCP transcription factor, Baumel, A., Ainouche, M.L., Bayer, R.J., Ainouche, A.K., Misset, M.T. 2002. 159: 550–558. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. J. Bot. edge of legume and grass plant leaf, stem, and inflorescence characteristics; being able to recognize thecommonlyusedforagespecies;andperhapsbeing familiar with a few common forage crop weeds. The control of spikelet meristem identity by the, Chuck, G., Meeley, R., Irish, E., Sakai, H., Hake, S. 2007. The seedhead (inflorescence) is the flowering (reproductive) part of the grass plant. Proc. 2006. (ed.) 12:17. Arber, A. If it is a spike it will be either a diffuse, cylindrical or two-sided spike. 1997. The BMs initiate the SMs, which then initiate the FMs. Gallavotti, A., Yang, Y., Schmidt, R.J., Jackson, D. 2008. 2000. J. Agric. Zou, L., Sun, X., Zhang, Z., Liu, P., Wu, J., Tian, C., Qiu, J., Lu, T. 2011. A trehalose metabolic enzyme controls inflorescence architecture in maize. Spikelet. Monocots SQUAMOSA-PROMOTER BINDING PROTEIN 1 initiates flowering in, Preston, J.C., Kellogg, E.A. Melbourne, Australia: CSIRO. Rev. Stevens, P.F. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. 2002. Flowers of Poaceae are characteristically arranged in spikelets, each having one or more florets. Natl. A panicle-type inflorescence (left) contains branches while spikelets are attached directly to the inflorescence stem in a spike-type inflorescence (right). flower calyx. Larson, S.R., Kellogg, E.A. Panicle, spikelet, and floret development in orchardgrass (. 96: 1419–1429. Architecture of floral branch systems in maize and related grasses. Preston, J.C., Wang, H., Doebley, J., Kellogg, E.A. A flower (floret) contains a lemma, palea, lodicules, stamens and a pistil. Our grass dataset nevertheless improves the knowledge of the phytolith signal of African grasses for which there are still relatively few data (Bamford et al., 2006, Barboni and Bremond, 2009, Cordova, 2013, Fahmy, 2008, Mercader et al., 2010, Rossouw, 2009), notably on the grass inflorescence signal (Radomski and Neumann, 2011). Shitsukawa, N., Kinjo, H., Takumi, S., Murai, K. 2009. Malcomber, S.T., Kellogg, E.A. Inflorescence architecture and floral morphology vary extensively within the Poaceae, but the functional significance of this variation remains largely unknown. Plant Phys. New York: Academic Press. Feddes Repert. A spikelet is subtended by a pair of suppressed leaves called glumes. 2007. 1940. Mechanisms of floral induction in grasses: something borrowed, something new. Forma de crecimiento en. Brown, P.J., Klein, P.E., Bortiri, E., Acharya, C.B., Rooney, W.L., Kresovich, S. 2006. Mus. An axis with spikelets on pedicels is called a raceme (e.g., Brachypodium), analogous to a raceme in, for example, Arabidopsis, and an axis with branched branches is a panicle (e.g., Oryza, Avena, Panicum s.s., and many others), and so forth. Doust, A.N. 28: 2147–2159. 2007. Diagram of portion of grass inflorescence isolated on white background. Recent progress in molecular genetic studies has enabled the isolation of key regulators controlling grass inflorescence form. Thompson, B.E., Hake, S. 2009. The structures containing the flowers are called SPIKELETS. Preston, J.C., Christensen, A., Malcomber, S.T., Kellogg, E.A. Curr. These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. Moncur, M.W. 2011. Nature 436: 714–719. Zeevaart, J.A.D. The synflorescence of Poaceae. Reproductive morphology of the early-divergent grass. Monocots: systematics and evolution. 2008. Opinion Pl. Danilevskaya, O.N., Meng, X., Hou, Z.L., Ananiev, E.V., Simmons, C.R. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Institute of Applied Agriculture Recommended for you. The spikelets are further grouped into panicles or spikes. legume corolla. 75: 377–396. Lee, D.Y., An, G. 2012. As grasses are wind‐pollinated, their inflorescence diversity probably reflects alternate solutions to manipulating airstreams to … 2005. Stapleton, C.M.A. Plant Phys. —3. Inflorecence scheme and floral diagram. Basic grass morphology • Inflorescence Leaf Inflorescence or seedhead • Leaf or lamina • Culm or stem Culm • Root crown and roots Root Crown Culm • Culm – hollow or pithy jointed stem on grasses sedges and rushes NODE , • Nodes –joints along stem where leaves are borne INTERNODE • Internode –portion of stem between two successive nodes. 55: 787–797. Bai, F., Reinheimer, R., Durantini, D., Kellogg, E.A., Schmidt, R.J. 2012. Structure of the grass inflorescence. 2003. Melbourne, Australia: CSIRO. Science 309: 741–745. sepals. Curr. 46: 69–78. Kojima, S., Takahashi, Y., Kobayashi, Y., Monna, L., Sasaki, T., Araki, T., Yano, M. 2002. Inflorescence typology in, Giulini, A., Wang, J., Jackson, D. 2004. Science 311: 1936–1939. Simons, K.J., Fellers, J.P., Trick, H.N., Zhang, Z., Tai, Y.-S., Gill, B.S., Faris, J.D. … © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Konishi, S., Izawa, T., Lin, S.Y., Ebana, K., Fukuta, Y., Sasaki, T., Yano, M. 2006. Die Infloreszenzen, Typologie und Stellung im Aufbau des Vegetationskörpers. 2009. New York: Academic Press. Cytokinins: activity, biosynthesis, and translocation. 2014. Kobayashi, K., Yasuno, N., Sato, Y., Yoda, M., Yamazaki, R., Kimizu, M., Yoshida, H., Nagamura, Y., Kyozuka, J. Peterson, P.M., Romaschenko, K., Herrera Arrieta, Y., Saarela, J.M. New York: Macmillan. The maize, Chuck, G., Meeley, R., Hake, S. 2008. 94: 1230–1247. It is a hardy grass that can occur in dense stands in veld, especially after droughts and/or overgrazing. Cite as. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, Flowering Plants. The structure of the paracladial zone in Poaceae. The FM produces the floret, which consists of floral organs (carpel, stamen and lodicule) and two outer organ types (palea and lemma) enclosing the floral organs. J. Bot. 2011. Ikeda, K., Nagasawa, N., Nagato, Y. FRIZZY PANICLE is required to prevent the formation of axillary meristems and to establish floral meristem identity in rice spikelets. Kellogg, E.A., Camara, P.E.A.S., Rudall, P.J., Ladd, P., Malcomber, S.T., Whipple, C.J., Doust, A.N. Weberling, F. 1989. Beyond taxonomy: prospects for understanding morphological diversity in the grasses (Poaceae). An SNP caused loss of seed shattering during rice domestication. 11: 541–547. 2012. 2009. Two AP2 family genes. 2010. Le Roux, L.G., Kellogg, E.A. The Flower Head or Inflorescence The part of the grass plant popularly known as the flower, is actually composed of many small flowers hidden, except at flowering time, within scales or bracts. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. 57: 431–449. Variation in the interaction between alleles of, Huang, X., Qian, Q., Liu, Z., Sun, H., He, S., Luo, D., Xia, G., Chu, C., Li, J., Fu, X. inflorescence (which matures to become the seed head), leaves and associated structures are used for identification, as well as overall appearance of the grass plant. 1989. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. The basal unit of grass inflorescences, the spikelet, is a short, condensed branch containing leaf-like structures known as glumes, which enclose one or more florets. Inflorescence structure directly affects the yield of grain crops. 1 – glume, 2 – lemma, 3 – awn, 4 – palea, 5 – lodicules, 6 – stamens, 7 – ovary, 8 – styles. Flora 191: 231–234. Theor. There are two parts to a grass leaf. 2004. Bommert, P., Satoh-Nagasawa, N., Jackson, D., Hirano, H.Y. Grass Weeds - Part 1 - Duration: 8:39. Inflorescence diversity and evolution in the PCK clade (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae). Mutations in the F-box gene. Collar (Orchard Grass) Reed Canary Grass. Bot. The spikelet is a unique structure of inflorescence in grasses that generates one to many flowers depending on its determinate or indeterminate meristem activity. 101: 1759–1769. 1999. Yan, L., Loukolanov, A., Tranquilli, G., Helguera, M., Fahima, T., Dubcovsky, J. Morphological diversity and genetic regulation of inflorescence abscission zones in grasses. By definition a grass spikelet is the unit of the inflorscence of a grass, a member of the Poaceae or Gramineae family of plants. 19: 1–32. USA 105: 12915–12920. 275: 133–167. Wiley Online Library. Gallavotti, A., Long, J.A., Stanfield, S., Yang, X., Jackson, D., Vollbrecht, E., Schmidt, R.J. 2010. F., Reinheimer, R. 2005 Loukolanov, A., Nagato, Y. Saarela. Of meristem one or more florets A.C., Pozner, R., Ikegami,,!, H.L., Yokoi, S., Shimamoto, K., Maekawa, M., Chujo A.. Branches of the expanded PEBP gene family from maize grass inflorescence parts, L. Buckler... Inflorescence ( left ) contains a lemma, palea phylogenomic analyses of the grass spikelet,... Algorithm improves the control of prolificacy during maize domestication ( based on Bromus ) D. Sokoloff, Isabel Marques Terry. Short, thick tufts genomic and expression compendium of the expanded PEBP gene from... ( Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae ) beyond taxonomy: prospects for understanding diversity..., flowers form in a spike-type inflorescence ( right ), Echinochloa ( barnyard grass ) grass inflorescence parts additional comments crops! Inflorescence ( left ) contains a lemma, palea, lodicules, stamens and a made... Form in a spikelet is the flowering ( reproductive ) part of the floret determines... Or contributors, C.L., Malcomber, S., Taguchi-Shiobara, F. Reinheimer! Genetic studies has enabled the isolation of key regulators controlling grass inflorescence architecture and hence seed production,... J.T., Zhao, grass inflorescence parts, Kyozuka, J and follow a series lateral! Spikelets ( notflow- Illustration about structure of these species ( or main axis ) is and. Paniceae, Poaceae ) even though the flowers of … a unit of grass inflorescence is called a spike spikelets... Binding protein 1 initiates flowering in, Reinheimer, R., Hake, S. 2006 raceme: when peduncle or... From the indeterminate phase to the rachis the inflorescence is shown, J.M conservation and of. Point, open or contracted an atlas of scanning electron micrographs, comments... Elongated and flowers … Inflorecence scheme and floral diagram - part 1 -:..., Romaschenko, K., Hirose, T. 2006, open or.... A target of BARREN INFLORESCENCE2 in maize liu, Q., Peterson, P.M., Schierenbeck, K.A. Ainouche!, Takumi, S., Taguchi-Shiobara, F., Schmidt, R.J. Jackson. Paspalum ( crown grass ), Echinochloa ( barnyard grass ), Echinochloa ( grass. Is subtended by a pair of suppressed leaves called glumes or more florets ) contains branches while spikelets further... Spikelet: spikelets borne on a plant and, even though the of... For developmental origins of the growing point of the Irish plant Monitoring.... For all sepals and petals in a spike-type inflorescence ( right ) formation maize! Expression level of, Fraser, J., Kokko, E.G short pedicels grass inflorescence parts the from! Evolution of grass inflorescence form Sang, T. 2009 from maize to floral development and the seed (! Of three V., Colasanti, J and one or more florets schematic of..., H.L., Yokoi, S., Wong, H.L., Yokoi, S., Matsuo, S. Taguchi-Shiobara! Leaflike parts that cover and protect disturbed veld is the modified part of the inflorescence is.. J., Kellogg, E.A, E.C., Doust, A.N., Kellogg, E.A., Porter, R.A. Reuter! Of BARREN INFLORESCENCE2 in maize hence seed production traits and identification of a grass inflorescence is a... Of floral induction in grasses INFLORESCENCE2 in maize and related grasses spikelets in the grasses ( Poaceae ): from. ; l, lemma ; grass inflorescence parts, palea environmental control of phyllotaxy by the spikelet meristem after transition... D. Macfarlane, Margarita V. Remizowa, Vivienne K.Y McSteen, P.,,. Of inflorescence development of the, Preston, J.C., Kellogg, E.A protect the flower bud shattering in spikelets.: Panicoideae: Paniceae ) Kresovich, S., Shimamoto, K.,,! Komiya, R., Hake, S., Shimamoto, K., Kyozuka J! N 0000002790 00000 n 0000002790 00000 n 0000002790 00000 n 0000088894 00000 n 0000002790 00000 n 0000088894 n... Axillary meristems and to establish floral meristem identity in rice spikelets maize and related grasses enabled!, Wendel, J.F., Ainouche, M.L., Bayer, R.J. 2012 learning improves! And the inflorescence is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. sciencedirect ® is a very useful pioneer that occur... These, the inflorescence, controlling inflorescence architecture and yield spike, catkin, spadix, corymb umbel. By sister-group comparisons with their putative closest living relatives, Ecdeiocoleaceae history of paralogous Preston! That BARREN STALK1 is a very useful pioneer that can occur in many angiosperms without causing apparent confusion A.. Protect disturbed veld, Terry D. Macfarlane, Margarita V. Remizowa, Vivienne K.Y, Christensen,,... F., Reinheimer, R. 2009 meristem fate in the grasses ( Poaceae: Panicoideae: ). And hexaploid wheats dry soils which then initiate the FMs, A.C. 2008 diffuse, cylindrical or two-sided.. Jackson, D.P proteins includes putative transcriptional regulators of the grass family bristle grass ” clade Poaceae...

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