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30 Dec 2020

in the coastal districts of south-eastern, central and northern Queensland and in the coastal districts of northern New South Wales). Broadleaf serrated) towards the pointed or rounded tips (i.e. Several newer cultivars, which are thought to be less invasive, are still very popular in cultivation (e.g. Also naturalised on Norfolk Island and possibly naturalised in the Northern Territory. appressed) hairs when they are young, but they quickly becomes hairless (i.e. DURANTA erecta 'Gold Mound' Plant Common Name. Duranta also works well as a large houseplant, tub specimen or pruned into a small standard tree. In Mexico, this Verbenaceae species is commonly known with its native Nahuatl name xcambocoché whereas in Tonga it is called mavaetangi, meaning tears of departure. corolla lobes). Growth Form: Small evergreen shrub, can grow up to 2. Younger stems are green in colour and sparsely covered in close-lying (i.e. Use Current Location. That is wrong! Gold Mound Dewdrop, Skyflower. Duranta (Tag.) Duranta erecta NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. The specific epithet erecta means "upright" in Latin. Frequently used as a front of border "hedge". Sunshine Ligustrum Shrub (2-Pack) 7 Gal. 3 Gal. Common name(s) Tree forget-me-not. These glossy fruit (5-14 mm across) turn from green to orange or yellow in colour as they mature. Light Requirements. By Dutchlady1. appressed) hairs. The two lower petal lobes are slightly smaller and both of these has a darker stripe down its centre. Duranta macrodonta Moldenke Duranta dentata Pers. Identic Pty Ltd. Special edition of Environmental Weeds of Australia for Biosecurity Queensland. The genus name is in honor of Castore Durante, a fifteenth-century Italian botanist. Helping You Become a More Successful Gardener. Lavender Chiffon Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus) Live Shrub, Light Purple Flowers: 3 Gal. A upright (i.e. Invasive Poten9al: The plant has been iden9fied as a environmental weed in Australia, South Africa, and China and is described as invasive in Hawaii, Fiji and French Polynesia.. Duranta--Sweet Memory The Duranta erecta can be a sprawling shrub or trained to Duranta erecta 'Golden Edge'/Golden Eagle Duranta. While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this information, DEEDI does not invite reliance upon it, nor accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by actions based on it. Flowers: The flowers are blue, purple or white, grouped together on spikes 4–9cm long arising from the leaf axils. Full sun. globose) 'berries' (i.e. Dwarf Burford Holly Shrub with Dark Green Foliage: Price $ Duranta erecta 'Gold Mound' Golden Dewdrop, Duranta Repens . Easily grown in well-drained soils, in full sun to part shade. Common Name: Sky Flower. Duranta Repens or Erecta, with 1-2 inch leaves and growing to 8-15 feet tall, are the most common in Southern CA, but there is also Duranta stenostachya, a larger-leaved species (4 inches long) called Brazilian Skyflower. Plant golden dewdrop singly as a specimen plant or massed as a screen. Name; Classifications and Characteristics; Description and Ethnobotany; Landscaping Features; Plant Care and Propagation; Foliar; Floral (Angiosperm) General Information Duranta erecta is a usually thorny, evergreen shrub or small tree, sometimes with a weeping habit; it usually grows around 4 - 6 metres tall, though pot-grown plants are more likely to be around 1.2 metres[305. its oppositely arranged leaves are sometimes toothed towards their tips. Duranta erecta 'Sheena's Gold', Duranta erecta 'Geisha Girl', Duranta erecta 'Alba' and Duranta erecta 'Variegata'). A widely cultivated garden and hedge plant throughout the wetter and sub-humid regions of Australia. Botanical Name. Duranta repens Sheens's Gold is a bushy evergreen shrub with pendulous branches and very attractive, rich golden foliage.. Common Name - Duranta. General Description. The plants available at the nursery are of height 1ft. ‘Variegata’ or ‘Gold Edge,’ and also grown but usually have fewer flowers. How to get rid of Whiteflies on Duranta. Branches have thorns. ovate). Several newer cultivars, which are thought to be less invasive, are still very popular in cultivation (e.g. It is a shrub or small tree with an erect or climbing posture, 2 to 6 m tall. Branchlets are slender 4 angular. Common Names. drupes) are poisonous to people and animals, and are reported to have caused numerous deaths in domestic pets. a slightly spiny upright shrub with drooping branches. Lavender. Branches are spinous or glabrous. The fruit are rounded (i.e. It was recently listed among the top 50 most invasive species in the New South Wales North Coast environmental weed survey and among the top 100 most invasive plants in south-eastern Queensland. These restrictions may prevent the use of one or more of the methods referred to, depending on individual circumstances. The plant is also known as D. repens, from the Latin for "creeping". Golden Dew Drop (Duranta erecta 'Gold Mound') Common names: Golden Dew Drop: Sky Flower: Pigeon Berry: Photo gallery: By hawkarica . 2 weeks we purchased 3 Gold Mound Duranta and planted in our island. Botanical name: Duranta erecta, Duranta repens. This shrub does best in well-drained average soil and full to partial sun. You can find many durantas (golden dewdrop, blue sky flower) around, but the Cuban Gold variety continues to receive extensive use and attention around the Southeast. By DraDiana . Native to southern USA (i.e. also spread in dumped garden waste. General description: A popular ornamental shrub to 4m high, often cultivated as a hedge.. The blue or pale purple flowers (occasionally white) are borne in elongated clusters (5-30 cm long) at the tips of the branches and in the upper leaf stalks (i.e. The branches can are often drooping in nature, especially when carrying large numbers of mature fruit. The toothed leaves are chartreuse and glossy. Duranta erecta, commonly called golden dewdrop, pigeon berry or sky flower, is native from Florida to Brazil and in the West Indies. By hawkarica. Duranta erecta 'Sheena's Gold', Duranta erecta 'Geisha Girl', Duranta erecta 'Alba' and Duranta erecta'Variegata'). or Corm or Tuber, Cactus Duranta erecta Linn. Duranta erecta, Pigeon Berry, Sky Flower, Golden Dew Drop. The video shows how to grow Duranta plant from cuttings in water. to ensure you have the latest version of this fact sheet. Duranta has excellent heat and drought tolerance. Some sites list it as zones 10, 11 and others as zones 8-10. Texas and southern Florida), Mexico, Central America (i.e. A new cultivar is the yellow duranta, which is only 2-3 feet tall. Nov 1, 2016 - Golden Dew Drop, Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry. Duranta erecta 'Gold Edge' Family Name: Verbenaceae: Common Name: Golden Dew Drop, Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry: Explore more topics. Inflorescence terminal or in branchlets, racemiform, elongate, bracts linear. alba (Masters) L.H. Common name: Duranta. Each flower also has five small green sepals (3-7 mm long), that are also fused together at the base, and four stamens. oppositely arranged) or occasionally borne in whorls of three. Duranta latifolia Salisb. Duranta erecta 'Gold Mound' Bloom Color Family. Flowers develop into golden berry clusters, giving it the nickname Golden Dewdrop. Attracts Butterflies. it is most easily distinguished by its large clusters of yellow-orange mature fruit. Preferred Commerce. Family: Verbenaceae. Other common names are Pigeon-berry and Honey drops. Common Classification : Common Names: Golden Edge, Dewdrop, Pigeon Berry, Sky flower Duranta Hybrid-Golden Dewdrop-Duranta Duranta Hybrid flower plant. Fiji, French Polynesia, Tonga and Hawaii). erect) shrub or small tree usually growing 4-6 m tall, but occasionally reaching up to 7 m in height. By treehugger. Golden dew drop (Engl.) Soil Moisture. A widely cultivated garden and hedge plant throughout the wetter and sub-humid regions of Australia. Zone 8 (20 to 10 degrees F) WaterWise. It is a spreading, sometimes weeping, evergreen shrub or small tree that grows to 15-18’ tall in its native habitat. Foliage: The Duranta erecta ‘Sheena’s Gold’ has with bright yellow foliage. Uses in landscape design: This compact plant is perfect for low hedges. its blue or light purple (occasionally white) tubular flowers are borne in elongated clusters. Thread Title Last Reply Replies; Common Name: Scientific Name: Duranta. All rights reserved. The leaves and 'berries' (i.e. No Image. There are usually at least some pairs of spines along the stems, one located at the base of each of the leaf stalks (i.e. Duranta integrifolia Tod. Copyright © 2016. Duranta (Duranta erecta) is regarded as an environmental weed in Queensland and northern New South Wales. Cold Hardiness. Duranta erecta L. Common Name: GOLDEN DEWDROPS: Plant Notes: Hiern (1877) was apparently the one to establish Duranta erecta as the accepted name and D. repens as its subsumed synonym (see Munir 1995). Common names: Duranta, Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry, Golden dewdrop, Honey Drops, Aussie Gold; Piwali Mendi (Marathi). Not declared or considered noxious by any state government authorities. they are axillary spines). The leaves are simple and paired (i.e. All Rights Reserved. acute or obtuse apices). California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and Florida), Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, India, China, and on several Pacific islands (i.e. or Succulent, Screening/Wind Duranta repens (formerly Duranta erecta or Duranta plumieri) Golden Dewdrop, Sky Flower, or Pigeon Berry Duranta is a fast-growing tropical shrub with beautiful blue flowers. It is also regarded as a "sleeper weed" in other parts of Australia and is listed as an undesirable plant in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area in northern Queensland. Golden Dewdrop, Pigeon Berry, Sky Flower Native to Tropical America, Duranta erecta (Golden Dewdrop) is a fast-growing, usually thorny, evergreen shrub or small tree sporting shiny rich green leaves and loose clusters, 6 in. Foliage: Green with a tinge of golden yellow colour, simple, opposite leaves, elliptic to ovate,, measuring about 1.5 - 7 cm by 1 - 5 cm, leaf stalk measuring about 0.5 - 1 cm long, © 2006-2020 The latter name was originally used to identify smaller-leaved varieties of the species. Golden eardrops (Engl.) Duranta plants need full sunlight for their optimum growth. Dangling chains of orange-yellow fruits succeed the flowers. glabrous). Gold Mound Duranta is a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with an upright spreading habit of growth. These flowers (9-18 mm long) are borne on short stalks (i.e. Common Name. In frost free zones it can be grown as a landscape specimen and in temperate zones with cold winters it is commonly grown as a seasonal bedding plant. The Duranta erecta ‘Sheena’s Gold’ has with bright yellow foliage. It contains 17 species of shrubs and small trees that are native from southern Florida to Mexico and South America.They are commonly cultivated as hedges and ornamental plants. A bonus … Check our website at They have short leaf stalks (i.e. Homestead, FL. The overall shape is weeping when mature. Many sites show the height of the parent plant (10 feet or better) for this cultivar. Scientific Name: Duranta erecta 'Aurea' COMMON NAME: GOLDEN SKY FLOWER Family Name: Verbenaceae State tells meteorologist to 'stay home' amid hurricane. Dense thickets can restrict access and reduce the productivity of pastures. Stems do not have spines. Name: 1 Gal. 5 m tall and 2 m wide. Durantas have several common names, including Gold Mound, Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry, Golden Dew Drop, and Golden Honey Drop. Semi-moist. alba (Masters) Caro: DURE: Duranta repens L.: DUREA: Duranta repens L. var. The cultivar ‘Gold Mound’ has drooping clusters of tubular, lavender-blue flowers that appear when growing conditions are favorable and attract butterflies. Skyflower (Engl.) Gold Mound Duranta Flowering Shrub with Tiny Lavender Flowers: 3 Gal. Duranta erecta gold is an ornamental plant with beautiful yellow foliage which are oftenly used as hedge plant to demark the areas. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. several Pacific Islands. DURANTA erecta 'Gold Mound' Plant Common Name. petioles) up to 1 cm long and are oval (i.e. Duranta (Duranta erecta) is also listed as an important invasive plant in China, where it causes obvious changes in natural ecosystems, and it is on the list of the most invasive horticultural plants in Hawaii. Duranta erecta 'Cuban Gold', Pigeon Berry, Sky Flower, Golden Dew Drop. Leaves decussate-opposite, simple, petiole. Duranta ellisiae Jacq. And the tropical duranta plant (Duranta erecta) delivers scores of pale blue, white, or violet blossom clusters for the entire growing season. Gold Mound Skyflower. The lilac-blue flowers are held at the ends of the weeping branches, while the lush golden foliage and elegant habit make this a lovely specimen plant. H1, H2, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Southeastern United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Container, Feature Plant, Hedges, Houseplant, Mixed Border, Screening / Wind Break, Topiary / Bonsai / Espalier, Tropical. Verbenaceae. Fact sheets are available from Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) service centres and our Customer Service Centre (telephone 13 25 23). in terminal and axillary racemes). Duranta, known by its various names such as Duranta Gold Mound or Cuban Gold Mound derivatives are gold mound, Cuban gold, and Duranta however its scientific name is (Duranta erecta). Additional Info. drupes) and are usually borne in large clusters. Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama), the Caribbean and South America (i.e. A weed of disturbed sites, waste areas, roadsides, wetter pastures, open woodlands and densely forested areas, and particularly along waterways in sub-tropical and tropical regions. Golden dewdrop is a vigorous large broadleaf evergreen shrub native to tropical America. An infestation was recently reported to be climbing 10 m up into the existing canopy of an at risk regional ecosystem near Townsville in northern Queensland. Distinguishing features. Moisture Requirements. Evergreen, Bulb Discussion Threads about this plant. Sanders (2001) mentioned the possibility of it being native to south Florida and also as an escape from early cultivation. There are between 17 and 36 different species of Duranta worldwide. The mobile application of Environmental Weeds of Australia is available from the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. Duranta erecta 'Alba', Pigeon Berry, Golden Dew Drop - White. Angel whisper (Engl.) Other common names: Golden dewdrop, Sky flower, Sheena’s gold, Aussie gold, Geisha girl. This is an extremely dwarf Duranta with a max height of 24". Gold Mound is not a dwarf plant, but has a short habit while young and will grow to full size a few years after planting. Duranta inermis L. Pigeon berry (Engl.) The duranta has attractive evergreen foliage, and some varieties have gold or variegated (different colored) leaves. long (15 cm), of ravishing, vibrant violet-blue flowers, often edged in … Scientific names: Common names: Duranta angustifolia Salisb. The leaf blades (15-90 mm long and 12-60 mm wide) usually have entire margins, but sometimes they are slightly toothed (i.e. The control methods referred to in this fact sheet should be used in accordance with the restrictions (federal and state legislation, and local government laws) directly or indirectly related to each control method. Symbol Scientific Name; DUERA: Duranta erecta L. var. Naturalised overseas in southern USA (i.e. Duranta erecta 'Gold Edge', Golden Dewdrop, Duranta … State Nursery Container Description / Features / Specs Price; FL D&A Nursery. elliptic) to egg-shaped in outline (i.e. Surinam, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay). May be pruned to shape but forms a neat mound unattended. Common names include golden dewdrop, pigeon berry and skyflower. The specific epithet erecta comes from the Latin “erect, vertical”. Origin: This plant originates in Central America. It is a spreading, sometimes weeping, evergreen shrub or small tree that grows to 15-18’ tall in its native habitat. older stems with spines (Photo: Sheldon Navie), young stem and paired leaves (Photo: Sheldon Navie), close-up of flowers (Photo: Sheldon Navie), close-up of mature fruit (Photo: Sheldon Navie), Duranta erecta 'Alba' (Photo: Sheldon Navie), Duranta erecta 'Variegata' (Photo: Sheldon Navie), Duranta erecta 'Sheena's Gold' (Photo: Sheldon Navie), Duranta erecta 'Geisha Girl' (Photo: Sheldon Navie), Duranta erecta 'Gold Edge' (Photo: Sheldon Navie), Brazilian sky flower, Brazilian skyflower, duranta, forget me not bush, forget me not tree, golden dew drop, golden dewdrop, golden dewdrop duranta, golden dewdrops, golden tears, pigeon berry, pigeon-berry, pigeonberry, sky flower, sky-flower, skyflower. This species invades moist or wet sites in native bushland areas, and is particularly common along river banks and in riparian zones. Widely naturalised in the coastal districts of eastern Australia (i.e. Golden dewdrop is a vigorous large broadleaf evergreen shrub native to tropical America. Duranta is a genus of flowering plants in the verbena family, Verbenaceae. The cultivar ‘Gold Mound’ has drooping clusters of tubular, lavender-blue flowers that appear when growing conditions are favorable and attract butterflies. Duranta species are erect or scandent shrubs. Common Name: Scientific Name: Duranta erecta 'Gold Mound', Golden Dewdrop, Duranta Repens Click on the plant listing below to view the nursery information. they are sub-sessile) and each flower consists of a thin tube (about 1 cm long), made up of the fused petals, which opens into five distinct lobes (i.e. Striking yellow and green variegated foliage View Image (Full) ... Common Name: Golden Eagle Duranta: Plant Type: Evergreen: Leaf Type: Broadleaf: Height: 5-8 feet: Spread: 3 -5 feet: Bloom time: Spring, Summer: Flower color: Blue, Purple: Fruit present: Flowering mostly occurs during summer and autumn. Duran Break, Average The most popular Duranta variety grown is known as ‘ Sapphire Showers’. It is the ideal compact plant for patios and planting in … These leaves are sometimes sparsely covered in close-lying (i.e. Light Requirements. This species reproduces mainly by seed, which are most commonly dispersed by birds that eat the brightly coloured fruit.

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